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About Us


Adam Steinberg- Vocals, Guitar

Spencer Jeffs- Guitar

Jack Mannock- Bass

Michael Steinberg- Drums

Matt Eadie: Bass Guitar
Joe Rocco: Drums, Percussion

 Kurt Ottaway: Vocals, Guitar

Our History

We formed in May 2012, and we don't believe in having one genre. Our influences include, Pink Floyd, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Tame Impala, Nirvana, and many more.


Adam is the founding member of Marigold, he has been with the group since formation in May 2012. He Sings and Plays Guitar. His Idols include Peter Green (Fleetwood Mac), Wayne Coyne (Flaming Lips) Kevin Parker (Tame Impala) and Rory Gallagher (Rory Gallagher)


Spencer is the newest member of Marigold, joining the band in November 2014. His idols include Dave Grohl, Jeff Buckley and Tim Rodgers. Spencer plays guitar with Adam. 


Jack is the Bass Player of Marigold, joining in July 2014. His idols include John Paul Jones (Led Zeppelin), Bruce Foxton (The Jam) and Cliff Williams (AC/DC)

Mike is the drummer in Marigold. His idols include Kilph Surlock (Flaming Lips), Nick Jago (BRMC) and Leah Shapiro (Replaced Nick Jago in BRMC)